WinTV-dualHD for Cordcutters: Live TV for Plex

WinTV-dualHD Cordcutter - Live TV for Plex Features

  • Plugs into the USB 2.0 port on your Plex Media Server
  • Includes 90 days of Plex Pass, for live TV on your Plex Media Server
  • Live free over-the-air TV for Plex. Watch and record local TV programs with Plex. Use your Plex Media Server as the ultimate DVR. For Plex in Linux, Android and Windows. Also for the NVidia Shield with Plex and Android.
  • Dual tuner: two over-the-air ATSC HD TV tuners so you can watch one TV channel while recording another, or record two programs at the same time
  • Plugs into the USB port on your Plex Media Server, the NVidia Shield or a Windows laptop or desktop PC
  • Status indicator LEDs showing that the tuner is loaded into Windows plus TV signal strength
  • WinTV-dualHD has an improved TV receiver with superior over-the-air TV reception
  • Includes WinTV v8, for TV in a window, full screen and picture-in-picture so you can watch two TV programs at a time. Or have two full TV pictures of any size on your PC screen! Record your digital TV programs in the original digital quality
  • Includes remote control for WinTV v8
WinTV-dualHD for Cordcutters: Live TV for Plex
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